Expert Database

Koza Database Administration and Consulting Services

  • Our SQL Server license inventory optimization service has saved our clients over $5 million annually in total.
  • We have fine-tuned many major business-critical database systems, improving their performance by 100x.
  • Our lead SQL Server subject matter expert has worked on 30+ SQL Server projects and has 20+ years of experience.
  • Recent projects include modernization, database/table designs, migrations from DB2 to SQL Server, enterprise-level SQL Server infrastructure designs.
  • Koza Technology was founded as a database administration and consulting services company in 2005.
  • Koza has been helping clients in the insurance, mutual funds, e-commerce, HR, manufacturing and public sectors in Canada and the US.
  • We can provide our services remotely following an initial on-site project review and analysis.
  • Our DB2, Oracle and SQL server licensing optimizations has saved over $15 million in total.
  • We have rescued failing projects and successfully implemented them through our database architecture support.

Database Emergency

  • SQL Server health checks
  • Emergency support, outage analysis and resolution
  • SQL Server upgrades
  • Daily database administration
  • Reduce risks of unauthorized data access and service disruptions

Performance Optimization

  • Extensive performance tuning expertise at SQL, database, Azure, server, hardware and infrastructure levels.
  • Database server license portfolio and hardware utilization optimizations
  • SQL assessments, index optimizations

Database Administration

  • SQL Server security reviews
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards implementation and audits for SQL Server
  • High availability and high performance implementations
  • Disaster recovery strategies and implementations

Design & Development

  • Enterprise level (SQL and Oracle) Database Server Environment Architecture design
  • Database modernization, transformations and conversions
  • High performing OLTP database table design, and data modeling
  • SQL Server business intelligence, datawarehouse implementations and ETL development

Koza’s team will help you:

  • Cut your licensing, hardware and operating costs significantly
  • Ensure well-planned and properly implemented projects, like stress-free SQL Server upgrades
  • Add expertise in areas you don’t always have at your fingertips
  • Achieve faster application response times and higher client satisfaction levels through higher SQL Server system performance
  • Deal with emergencies immediately to avoid business interruptions

Managed Database Platforms:

  • MS SQL Server, Azure
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MS Access